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Comprehensive Insect Control

Exterminate problem insects quickly and effectively with the help of Extermination Services. We handle a wide range of insect pest control services, including bee removal, hornet and wasp removal, ant extermination, spider removal, and more. Using low-toxicity products designed to keep your pets and family safe, we treat your home effectively without affecting those you love. Rest easy knowing that when you choose us for insect control, your pests are the only ones in danger!     

One Call Does It All!

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As the area’s leading insect control team, we’re equipped to handle all types of ant removal. Specializing in carpenter ant and odorous ant removal, we understand the detrimental effects ants can have to your home and work hard to eliminate them once and for all. We even provide a follow-up appointment two weeks after your insect control service to ensure your home is 100 percent ant-free, and we offer bimonthly preventive treatments to keep it that way.

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Though many types of spiders are harmless to humans, Washington is home to a few dangerous species that are either venomous, painful, or both. If you’re concerned about a spider infestation, call us today to handle it. We offer comprehensive spider removal services for all types of arachnids, including hobo and yellow sack spiders. 

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Bees & Wasps

Our bee removal services are top-notch and feature the guaranteed total elimination of all yellow jacket, wasp, and hornet nests. You want to enjoy the summer months without worrying about bee stings and allergic reactions. We'll eliminate all bee nests and re-treat between regularly scheduled services at no extra charge. Our services cover outdoor nests and crawlspace treatments, ensuring your home is completely covered after your bee removal service ends. 

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